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Looking For Better Student Housing?

It’s no wonder. There’s a reason that no one outside of college live in dorms. Dorms are horrible. And most off-campus housing isn’t much better. Students aren’t going to suddenly stop going to school, so dorms and off-campus housing don’t have any incentive to get better. We think that sucks, so we did something about it.

It’s Right HERE.

HERE is a new kind of student housing, one where every single detail was designed around the needs and wants of the modern student. Our apartments combine the full amenities of a resort with the student-focused community you’d usually find only on-campus. Each apartment comes fully furnished, with hip design elements and upscale features. Beyond your apartment, you’ll find numerous common areas for work (study lounges, club rooms, fitness center) and play (hot tub, theater). And when we say ‘modern,’ we mean it because apparently we all live in the future now– and it’s not only amazing, but also only a few blocks from campus.

HERE’s To You

You know what you want. We’re here to help you get it. If you want to learn more, give us call, shoot us an email, or just hop on the chat window in the lower right hand corner of the website. We know you’ll find housing one way or another. We just want that housing to be HERE.

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